Hi, and welcome!

My name, if you haven't guessed it already, is Adam Sheets. I am a Freelance Graphic/Website Designer at your service. I have been a professional designer for 6 years now, and I couldn't be happier. Here is a highlight of my story:

I attended James Madison University with the intention to be a 'traditional' artist, with a passion for vine charcoal. I had "that" experience. You know,  the one where you have a class you had to take just to get credits; however, the professor is so amazing, it changes the trajectory of your career. Yup, that's me. I took Illustration 101 with Rich Hillard. He opened my eyes to to power and creativity of computers and Art. From there the rest is history...I took part-time jobs and internships in college in the graphic and web design space to satisfy my new found passion.

I graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Graphic Design and went to Virginia Beach, VA. I started working for Liberty Tax Service as a Graphic Specialist, creating graphics for all sorts of digital platforms. I am so grateful for Liberty because it opened my eyes up to a lot of experiences and really excelled my career. I became an Email Manager, overseeing all email communications from Liberty Tax Service; unfortunately, all things come to an end. After parting ways with Liberty, I went to Surety Systems in Raleigh, NC as a Sr. Marketing Coordinator. 

Surety Systems was a blast! I was given so much control and freedom to create. My first task was to redesign the website from scratch, as well as put marketing process and reporting metrics in place. Also, my prowess in Wordpress,  Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more was greatly heightened.

Through all of my experience, from managing over 1 million email addresses in a high-pace environment to B2B marketing with a smaller more agile company, I have always had freelance on the side. This is where I maximize my potential by benefiting others and stretching my creativity. Many entrepreneurs and SMBs have small budgets that cannot afford to pay a full time webmaster. I love being able to provide Enterprise-level results at a fraction of the cost.

But most importantly, I am a people person. I have always been. Helping others achieve their goals, both personally and professionally, gives me great satisfaction. I hope this has been an enjoyable read and that you will consider me for your next project.